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Laptop Screen Replacement and Repair Calgary

For replacing the laptop screen in Calgary, we offer the best screen for your laptop after the brand. However, we effectively replace the laptop screen so there is no problem after handling the laptop. If there is a problem in the future, we are ready to review. To repair the laptop screen, we open the laptop for analysis and to obtain the exact model number of the screen and the type of connector on the motherboard. This will allow us to order the correct screen if we do not have the screen in stock.

If you are in our warehouse, you do not have to wait long. The screen takes between 3 and 4 days and we change it the same day we receive it. If you need a new cable or the screen cable is loose, we repair it on the spot. We have an incredible number of replacement screens for laptops in all sizes and resolutions of monitors, and we can make and send most screen repairs on the same day we get your laptop.

How to repair your Laptop screen in Calgary

If you have damaged a screen, it is more than likely that you know it. If your laptop screen in Calgary is somehow damaged or defective, we should be able to take a look and tell you what the problem is. We have all the popular screen models, which account for approximately 80% of the laptop screen market. Since notebook manufacturers generally do not manufacture their own screens, laptop screens are common among different brands of laptops. This means that we do not necessarily have to store specific models of laptops, but store them according to the type of screen.

Whatever be the problem, our technicians will be happy to offer you quick repairs on the screen of your laptop. As we stock spare parts and parts for LCD screens on laptops, we can often repair laptop screens the same day you bring them to our store. If we do not store the screen for your laptop model, we can repair or replace the screen of your laptop within 1-7 days.

Nextgen specialist in screen replacement for Sony, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, Fujitsu, Apple, Asus, Panasonic, Packard Bell, Siemens, Gateway, Lenovo, NEC and Alienware, IBM, Acer, HP, to name a few -uns. We have extensive experience in repairing laptop screens of different brands and models.

By replacing the screen, Calgary works according to your budget to help you find the best laptop replacement screen that is equal to or 100% compatible with your existing system. We can often offer much lower prices than the original manufacturer of your computer by requesting it from our wholesalers. We believe not only in providing the highest level of service, but also the best price. We know that the price is an important factor in the decision to repair your device. That is why we support our low price guarantee. We regularly monitor local prices, but if you find a retail store with prices lower than us, we will adjust it. Guaranteed.

If you break your laptop screen or your laptop screen is not working we have right solution for you. We at NextGen fix all kind of laptop screen replacement in Calgary and around the area. It does not matter that what kind of laptop screen brand you have like Hp, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung or any we have the screen available for you.

Our certified Laptop Screen Replacement or repair professional technicians will personally come to deliver and install your new screen directly in your home or office or at your location. You will get your Laptop ready within 24 hour or asap in your hand. We service all business and residential clients with a range of needs in Calgary and around it.

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