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Really, NextGen is the best when it comes to computer repair! I work at a business firm. I had recently joined the company. And I was immediately given the responsibility of making a presentation. My system was a bit slow but it still worked quite well.  I took all the details home and sat with a cup of coffee at my desktop table to make the presentation. The weather was a bit cold and foggy but I had to complete my work. I began to create the presentation.

Suddenly, to my shock, my desktop turned off! I tried to put it on quite a few times but in vain. I had to make the presentation and show it to my boss the next day. I tried everything I possibly could, but it did not turn on! Then, I remembered the name of NextGen Computer Repair! I saw it on the way to my office. In the meantime, snow started falling and it made me all the more miserable as I could not go out that day. However, the next day I took hold of my system and reached there.

The place had a pleasant ambiance and the customer care executives met very cordially. When I told them about my problem, they got very concerned. One of them came with me to my car to pick up the system. They told me that my system needed formatting and had also caught a virus. I was worried but they assured me that it will be fixed within a few hours. I also thought about my file. I was in the last stage of my presentation and I had to present it the same day. But they assured me that my important files will not be deleted. I waited anxiously. But to my relief, they fixed my system. I checked it and it was working really well with great speed! I was so happy!

I hurriedly completed the presentation and rushed to my office where my boss was going crazy at my absence. But when I gave my presentation, all his anger vanished in thin air! And now NextGen is my best solution for Computer Repair!


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